“I spent way too much money on TurboTax just to have my taxes be all messed up. This tax season I gave Bobby a call and he took care of everything. He even went back in time and fixed my previous taxes, putting money back in my pocket. I will always use this guy for two reason: I trust him and he gives me time to do other things I enjoy (like not filing taxes).”

Marc Julia
Naval Officer

“The Financial Strategists is hands-down the best interpersonal service for your finances and tax planning purposes in personal accounting and business calculations that I have used. The CEO is an active accountant himself and knows the ins-and-outs of the details most people will likely miss when it comes time for filing. If it weren’t for me locating them and having a chat for a while, I might’ve been drained completely by the blood-sucking internal revenue agents last season. Now I’m looking at a much lower impact going ahead and I’m certainly staying in touch for further business in years to come.”

Nicholas Mahone
CEO Diamond Strike, LLC

“10/10 would recommend Bobby Mucka to anyone looking for an easy and positive experience with tax season. He took care of everything quickly and professionally, even helping my wife and I maximize our return by structuring differently. Last tax season was a nightmare for me to handle, but after this year will be coming back every year he’ll take me!”

Eric Compton
Ocean View Properties


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